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Business Insurance or Commercial Insurance is a necessity for all businesses. Many company owners and managers find out the hard way if something goes wrong for which they have not planned for. What if there was a sudden disaster at work and you lost equipment, cash or even the ability to trade? Here at Business Insurance Central we provide some of the great deals on Business Insurance and Commercial Insurance with full product reviews.

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Other Business Options to Consider . . .

At Business Insurance Central we cover insurance companies and providers that offer policies for general Business Insurance and Commercial Insurance. Since this is a wide area to cover we have included the following subsections to make your selection even easier:

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Commercial Vehicle

Van Insurance

Taxi Insurance

Fleet vehicle insurance can reduce your insurance premiums by covering them under one insurance policy. All commercial vehicles are covered, from HGV to Mini Buses. Also goods delivered in transit for courier firms and, of course, the drivers themselves. - Whatever the commercial vehicle you drive, you will find the right cover for you, here!

Van Insurance for large companies, small businesses and the self employed. There are competitive rates for established businesses and also FREE Homestart & Breakdown Recovery included. Most providers offer the benefit of a courtesy vehicle for non-fault accidents so your business will suffer the minimum effect.

Taxi drivers know that their cabs are an essential asset for staying in business. At Insurance Central we have sourced insurance companies and providers that specialise in cover, specifically tailored for taxis, black cabs and private hire.


Commercial Property

Professional Indemnity

Computer / Laptop

Insurance cover for all types of commercial property including offices, factories, shops and flats. Flexible policies for Residential Investment Property Insurance and Buy to let and let properties. Landlords! Get contents and fully comprehensive cover including loss of rent, third party liability etc.

Professional Liability insurance is designed to provide coverage to professionals for claims arising out of their professional activities or services provided to clients. Coverage is typically provided by stand-alone professional liability policies and includes coverage for any legal costs that may occur with a claim. See also Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance.

Laptops and Notebooks are prime targets for theft. Teams of thieves will work the airports, hunting for business travellers. Since in this modern world, we rely heavily on commuting and the need for our computers has never been more important, cover against loss and damage should be a serious consideration.



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