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   About Business Insurance

About Business Insurance

Businesses always face unpredictable threats and risks. A robbery, fire or employee injury may destroy everything. To protect yourself and to make sure your business survives, you should purchase the correct business insurance. For a monthly premium your business insurance will make sure that you are protected from pre-specified risks. Every business is different and insurances come in different types with different levels of cover. An insurance broker simplifies the task of protecting the assets of your company and the potential liabilities. An insurance broker will help you find a competitive quote for the cover you need from all the leading insurance companies.

How Business Insurance Works

You will almost certainly need a few insurances to cover all your assets from possible loss or damage and to protect you from any liability. Researching and purchasing each insurance separately can be expensive and time consuming. An alternative is to buy a packaged business insurance policy. A packaged business insurance policy offers the most common insurances required to run your business grouped together in one that offers the flexibility to adjust the coverage to meet your needs. Packaged insurance policies offer many benefits. You know the insurance cover will be comprehensive enough to cover the main risks affecting your business. This policy is also easier to manage as you have one set of documents, one insurance company to contact and one renewal date. Insurance packages are usually less expensive as insurance companies will offer a better total premium when they are providing all of your cover.

These business insurance types are very common, in some cases these are actual legal requirements:

Employers Liability Insurance
Employ anyone outside your family and you are required by law to have employer's liability insurance. This type of insurance gives you protection for any liability arising from injury or illness sustained by employees while they are working for you and your company.

Public Liability Insurance
Protects you from liabilities from a Third Party (other than your employees) bodily injury or damage to their property that may occur during the normal operation of your business.

Motor Insurance
If you have a motor vehicle for your business, you have to insure the vehicle at a minimum against third party liability by law. You should strongly consider extending your protection to cover your motor vehicle from collision and theft.

Products Liability
Protects you from any liabilities from a Third Party bodily injury (other than your employees) or damage to their property that can occur from products you sold or supplied.

Money Insurance
This type of insurance will reimburse you for money that is lost or stolen from your insured premises, your home or whilst you are moving it to another location.

Material Damage Insurance
This insurance is designed to cover your assets including building, computer equipment, stock, or contents, from loss or damage caused by various causes including, fire, flood, theft or other disasters.

Business Interruption Insurance
Provides for the loss of turnover or trading profits from damage to your property that prevents the normal operation of your business.

Other Insurances for your Business
Other insurances can be considered as a standard part of an insurance policy for your business.

Goods in Transit Insurance
This insurance covers you for accidental loss, destruction or damage to goods in transit and the cost of alternative transport if required.


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