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   Business Insurance Tips

Business Insurance Tips

Exclusions and Conditions

It is best to understand how you are covered, it is as important as understanding how much you are actually covered for. Be aware of any conditions and exemptions that may exist with the business insurance policy. Some cover is dependent on you having an appropriate alarm fitted or securing your equipment in a particular way. Details of conditions can usually be found in the policy wording and are shown on your business insurance quote schedule.

Amounts to be Insured

You must supply accurate information to the insurance company about the value of your assets. If you incorrectly value the amount to be insured this could affect your claim. If you also cover your assets for more than they are worth you will pay a higher premium than necessary. If you cover your current assets for less then they are worth you will not receive enough compensation to cover your losses. An insurance company may survey your premises before agreeing to cover the insurance required.

About Your Insurance Company

You should look beyond the cost of insurance cover and the amount you are covered for and examine the insurance companies. It is best to pay a little higher premium but deal with an insurance company who has particular knowledge about your industry or business insurance. You might also want to check the insurance companies’ financial history and claims process before you decide to take their business insurance policy.


Excess is the first part of any business insurance claim that you are responsible for. You can reduce the cost of your business insurance by increasing the amount of excess.


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