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   Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This type of business insurance provides you with insurance cover to protect you against the risks involved in doing your job. If you are pursued by a third party which claim that as a result of your professional negligence they have incurred a monetary loss your professional indemnity policy will cover you. Professional indemnity insurance is abbreviated to PI. There are many instances which lead to an insurance claim being filled against you, it could be anything from providing incorrect help or advice, to making a wrong measurements on architectural blue prints. When a claim is filled against you your business insurance provider will pay the cost of compensation to the claimant. With your business insurance policy you may have an excess which means that you will be liable to pay this amount first in the event of a claim. If your excess if £400 and you have a claim for £10,400 you will have to pay £400 towards the claim and the insurance company will pay the remaining £10,000. This is the same thing as most people have on their home or car insurance.

Optional Extensions

You can get an extension of your normal insurance cover you could protect yourself in the event that you take an action on behalf of your client that leads to a loss. If the third party decides to pursue you for their losses under some professional indemnity insurance policies you will not be covered. With Liability for breach of warranty cover you may protect your business against these claims.


Insurance for Professional indemnity is covers businesses in the event that they are pursued by a third parties who claims that they have suffered a loss as a result of their particular professionals negligence.


Click Here for Professional Indemnity Insurance

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