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   Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is covers businesses from the threat that they will be sued from a member of the public. Public liability insurance covers your business in the event that it causes injury or death to a third party, it also covers you in the event that you damage a third parties property. All businesses need Public liability insurance and is relatively cheap and will cover you in the event that you are pursued by a third party.

Examples of how a public liability claim could arise:

A member of the public walks into a grocers and slips on a wet floor. Tthere were no warning signs to say that the floor was wet. This person would have grounds to sue the shop-keeper.

A plumber is fitting a new sink and they don't tighten a nut properly and that causes a big water leak and damages the clients' property. The plumber is negligent by not fastening the nut properly.

Public liability insurance is for all businesses and it is the most basic essential cover, it will not stop your company from being sued but it will provide the financial backing in the event that there is an insurance claim awarded against you. If you don’t have public liability insurance and you get pursued for compensation you will be liable to pay the full amount of the claim, if you are not able to pay the compensation you could lose your business, home and any other assets that you have. No public liability insurance puts thousands of businesses out of business every year, and with cover starting from as little as £60 a year it is stupid to take the risk.

Some of the trades that can be covered by public liability insurance: cleaners; builders; bricklayers; plasterers; window cleaners; computer software developers and hairdressers.

Public liability insurance will generally include several covers: product liability insurance; employer liability insurance; personal injury; legal defence cost; business interruption; stock cover; money insurance; tools insurance and loss of liquor licence.


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